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Welcome to the Work Experience section, where I present a comprehensive look at my professional journey after completing an MBA in Marketing. Transitioning into the marketing field post-graduation, I embarked on a dynamic career path characterized by diverse roles and impactful projects. With a foundation in marketing principles and a passion for innovation, I have consistently contributed to  renowned organizations, leveraging my skills to drive growth and achieve objectives. As you explore this page, you'll gain insight into my work experiences and the significant contributions I've made to various projects across different industries.

Hindustan Unilever

During my tenure at Hindustan Unilever as a Territory Sales Officer in Haryana, I spearheaded the personal products segment, overseeing a portfolio of 31 brands and a vast array of over 1200 products. Leading a team of 120 marketing executives, I orchestrated strategic initiatives to drive sales and market penetration across the region. Through meticulous planning and execution, I not only met but consistently exceeded targets, showcasing my proficiency in navigating the competitive FMCG landscape.

My experience at Hindustan Unilever was an enriching journey into the intricacies of the FMCG sector, where I polished my skills in sales, team leadership, and strategic planning. Being entrusted with the responsibility of managing such a diverse and extensive product portfolio provided me with invaluable insights and practical knowledge. It was a testament to my ability to thrive in high-pressure environments while delivering exceptional results. I am grateful for the learning opportunities and professional growth that I gained during my time at Hindustan Unilever.


During my tenure at Mercer as a Data Analyst in Gurgaon, I specialized in analyzing UK pensions data, particularly for the Jaguar project. My primary responsibility involved processing financial data as per the specific requirements of Jaguar employees. Through this experience, I gained a deep understanding of the complexities of data management and analysis within the context of pension schemes.

Working at Mercer taught me the utmost importance of data integrity and the value of maintaining structured and systematic approaches in all aspects of my work. These lessons extend beyond the scope of data analysis, influencing various facets of life. By applying these principles of efficiency and organization in my personal and professional endeavors, I have been able to streamline processes, optimize resources, and achieve optimal outcomes with precision and effectiveness.


During my tenure at SOUL, a women's flat footwear brand based in Jaipur, I served as a Marketing Intern, contributing across various segments of digital marketing. From curating and creating compelling content to donning the role of a feet model for product shoots, I immersed myself in every aspect of brand promotion. Additionally, I played a pivotal role in product launch strategies, from inventory management to ensuring seamless execution. As a member of the core team, I had the privilege of being involved in the brand's inception and witnessed firsthand the intricacies of launching a successful footwear brand.

My experience at SOUL was a multifaceted journey that allowed me to apply my skills in diverse areas of digital marketing while gaining hands-on experience in product management and brand building. From conceptualizing marketing campaigns to executing product launches, every task contributed to my growth as a marketing professional. Being part of the core team during the brand's launch instilled in me a deep sense of ownership and responsibility, further fueling my passion for marketing and entrepreneurship.

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